How to use Luxembourgish Modal Verbs – 2

How to Use Modal Verbs 2

In the first part of this lesson you’ve learned how the Luxembourgish modal verbs kënnen, mussen and wäerten can be used. In this second part of the lesson of the Luxembourgish modal verbs we’ll take a closer look at the verbs sollen, däerfen and wëllen. Modals derive their name from the fact that they always modify another verb. And so … Read more

How to use Luxembourgish Modal Verbs – part 1

How to Use Modal Verbs 1

In this lesson, I’ll briefly explain what a modal verb is, I’ll talk about how we use a modal verb in Luxembourgish and I will introduce you to 3  out of 6 modal verbs. What is a Modal Verb? Modal verbs give us the ability to speak about another verb, in a way that shows a … Read more

Introduction to the Luxembourgish Verbs in the Present Tense

In Luxembourgish we have regular verbs  – reegelméisseg Verben – and  irregular verbs –  onreegelméisseg Verben and modal verbs. The auxiliary verbs –  sinn (to be) & hunn (to have) – are irregular. The Basics Each verb has a basic “infinitive” (to) form. This is the form of the verb you find in a Luxembourgish dictionary. The verb to live in … Read more

How to Tell the Time in Luxembourgish – A1

How to tell the time in Luxembourgish Auerzäit

In this lesson you will learn how to tell the time in Luxembourgish. Telling the time in Luxembourgish requires knowing three basic ingredients: the numbers from 1 to 12, the words for ‘to‘ and ‘after,’ and the fractions ‘quarter‘ and ‘half‘ (past). By the way if you want to know the different meanings of the word time … Read more

How do you say “I think” in Luxembourgish?

How to say I think

In this lesson you will learn several ways to use the English verb “to think” in Luxembourgish. Over the years of teaching Luxembourgish I have come across students struggling when trying to say “I think ….” in Luxembourgish. You must know that there are lots of different verbs in Luxembourgish to express the act of … Read more

5 Pronunciation Mistakes of the Luxembourgish Letter “G”

Luxembourgish pronunciation Letter g

In this lesson you will learn how to pronounce the most common sounds of the Luxembourgish letter “g”. Luxembourgish pronunciation can be challenging and especially the letter “g” is causing some problems to all of my students. Let’s take for example this word: méiglech. How would you pronounce it? Well it is pronounced.   Here … Read more

Why is spoken Luxembourgish hard to understand

Spoken Luxembourgish - Listening

Do you have difficulties understanding native Luxembourgish speakers? And do you have difficulties listening to Luxembourgish? I am asking you this question and writing this article because many students are struggling with understanding natural spoken Luxembourgish. As a Luxembourgish language learner you learn to listen to slow Luxembourgish audios, which is helpful at the beginning. … Read more

Luxembourgish Pronunciation – How to pronounce diphtongs

Luxembourgish pronunciation Diphtongs

What is a Luxembourgish diphtong? A Luxembourgish diphthong is a combination of two vowels  which make together a new sound. So instead of being pronounced separately, the 2 vowels have one sound. I want you to watch my mouth position change as I pronounce each of the Luxembourgish diphtongs:  ei / ai  – éi – äi  – ou … Read more