Moien, I’m Anne.

Let me help you improve your Luxembourgish and make progress. 10 year experience. 94% pass rate for the Sproochentest.

My journey started in 2012 when I began sharing Luxembourgish stories to children in libraries, bookshops, and schools. I developed a true passion for teaching Luxembourgish and this led to “Luxembourgish with Anne”, where I teach adults how to master the Luxembourgish language with my result-oriented methodology.
I have to admit: Luxembourgish is not an easy language.

Hence, my goal is to break down the Luxembourgish language in very small lessons and to present these lessons in an entertaining way so that you can digest these lessons one at a time, slowly but thouroughly and by staying motivated.

Teaching Background:

I have the “ZLSK-Certificate” (Zertifikat Lëtzebuerger Sprooch & Kultur) by the Institute of Languages (INL); and the “Language Coach-Certificate” by Efficient Language Coaching (ELC).
BUT most importantly, I have something which no certificate in the entire world can buy:

A true passion for teaching.

How I will help you:

After having worked with so many language learners, I have come to know what stops you making progress and improving your Luxembourgish. My coaching approach is simple and consists of 2 words:
Interaction and Repetition.
I focus on a communicative approach, this means that I focus on putting grammar and vocabulary into context and conversations. This is so I can get you speaking more quickly and help you increase your fluency faster. As you become less worried about using the correct grammar, you will focus more on getting your message across to others.

And the more you repeat sentences and patterns, the better you will get in the language.

Learn Luxembourgish Online:

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  • A1 Self Study Course
  • Master the Sproochentest Oral Prep
  • 1:1 Coaching
Vill Spaass beim Léieren!

A lots of fun while learning!


Exklusive Interview with Anne

Join us for an exclusive interview with Anne, the visionary behind Luxembourgish with Anne. Discover the secrets to mastering the Sproochentest and achieving Luxembourgish citizenship.

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