WHY You Should Study And Practice Luxembourgish Pronunciation

Luxembourgish pronunciation

It is a mistake to think that Luxembourgish pronunciation is any less important than reading, listening and speaking skills. Pronunciation is the bridge between you and a native Luxembourgish speaker. One of the biggest problem for you as a Luxembourgish learner is to find someone to speak to. But once you have an opportunity to speak … Read more

What’s the difference between Wou, Wuer and Vu Wou?

Luxembourgish question words wou wuer

In this lesson you will learn the difference between the two question words Wou? and Wuer? In English for these 2 instances you would use “where“. But in Luxembourgish we distinguish between where, where to. And you will also learn to use the question word Vu wou? which means where from. Wou? – Where? (at which place?) Whenever you are asking about the … Read more

Asking Questions in Luxembourgish


Asking questions and giving answers are the basics of great conversation in Luxembourgish and in any language! In this lesson I want to help you to ask questions in Luxembourgish so that you can start enjoying Luxembourgish conversation! Let’s start with The question structure There are three main parts that you need to keep in mind: … Read more

8 Common Mistakes Luxembourgish Learners Make

8 mistakes Luxembourgish students do

Today I am going to talk about common mistakes Luxembourgish learners make when speaking Luxembourgish and that I have heard in my experience as a Luxemburgish teacher.  I have compiled a list of what are the most common mistakes I keep hearing again and again. So today I am going to present to you 8 common … Read more

5 Tips To Build Your Luxembourgish Vocabulary

Learn Luxembourgish Vocabulary

What’s the best way to learn Luxembourgish vocabulary?  How can you learn more words? If only I could give the ultimate answer to that question. It’s a question that I get asked again and again! There is no single best way. There is no quick solution, but I do have 5 tips or recommendations in … Read more

Luxembourgish Separable Verbs Explained

Luxembourgish separable verbs

In this lesson you will learn about Luxembourgish separable verbs in the present tense. Luxembourgish uses separable prefixes – there are many different prefixes – to change the meaning of the main verb: Beispill (example) The verb fueren means alone to drive but if we add the prefix fort to it, we have the verb fortfueren which means to … Read more

The Luxembourgish Definite & Indefinite Articles

Luxembourgish articles

Today I am going to talk about an important but somehow exhausting grammar point: The Luxembourgish nouns and their articles. The Luxembourgish articles are honestly spoken a pain in the neck as they do not follow any logic. Unfortunately they are important for anyone who aims at speaking correct Luxembourgish. If you are confused by this, … Read more

When to use KEEN vs NET in Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish lesson keen net

In this lesson I will talk about a typical problem of Luxembourgish learners: NEGATIONS When do you say net and when do you say keen Let’s start with an easy summary of the difference between net and keen. They are both used to negate sentences in Luxembourgish but they are used in different ways. Net is the equivalent … Read more