5 Pronunciation Mistakes of the Luxembourgish Letter “G”

In this lesson you will learn how to pronounce the most common sounds of the Luxembourgish letter “g”. Luxembourgish pronunciation can be challenging and especially the letter “g” is causing some problems to all of my students. Let’s take for example this word: méiglech. How would you pronounce it? Well it is pronounced.


Here the “g” is pronounced like a [j]

What are these mistakes?

Mistake 1

giel – yellow


When a word starts with “g”or when a syllable is stressed pronounce it [g] like in the English word tiger as in:

Gromper – potato, genuch – enough, genee – exactly, begéinen – to encounter, allgemeng – generally

Mistake 2

Fliger – plane


Sounds like “j” in a word and after the letters i, e & r as in

Spigel – mirror, igend – surroundingsiglech – possible, reegelméisseg – regularly, besichtegen – to visit a place, Bierger – citizen

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Mistake 3

roueg – quiet


“ech” – sound in words ending in –eg and in –zeg as in

reegelméissegwichteg – important, zwanzeg –20, granzeg – grumpy, virwëlzegcurious

Mistake 4

Dag – day


Don’t pronounce it D A G

Here we have the “aach” – sound in words ending in –ag as in

Lag – situation, Virtrag – presentation, Virschlag – suggestioun

Mistake 5

mengen – to mean / think

Here we have the “eng”-sound. You don’t actually pronounce the letter “g”. Listen and repeat: mengen

elengalone, keng  noenga/one, enger  a/one (dative case), allgemenggeneral, Gemeng – town hall

You see: Knowing how to pronounce a word will help you to use it in conversation. I see some of my students systematically avoiding some words such as “Géigend” or “besichtegen” because they are not sure about the correct pronunciation.

Let’s practice:

Meng Kolleege kommen am August fir 3 Deeg op Lëtzebuerg. Si besichtegen dann all Dag d’Géigend.

My colleagues will come to Luxembourg for 3 days in August. They will visit the surroundings every day.

Just like you practice and study grammar, you should practice and study pronunciation.

These are only a few sounds of the letter g. In my online course Luxembourgish Pronunciation you will learn all the sounds of this letter.

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