A1 Self Study Course

Learn Luxembourgish from scratch with this self-study online course and build a strong foundation with a variety of high quality online tools and get real results.

This is a flexible approach to learn from the comfort of your home and progress at your own pace. The course is designed so that you can complete it within 8 weeks but you can take more time to complete all the lessons as you get 12 months access to all course material.

Who is this course for?

  • For absolute beginners who have no knowledge of the language
  • For people who have learnt a while ago but need to brush up on all the basics (there’s TONS of content in here) before moving to level A2
  • For busy people who are looking for a flexible study approach.

Imagine that you will have learned so much Luxembourgish that you can …

… meet people and being able to, introduce yourself and make new friends
… feel confident enough by having short small talk conversations about your everyday life
… talk about your likes and dislikes
… go to the local market and buy fruits and vegetables
…. discuss the plans of the upcoming weekend with friends

In all these situations, you can hold your ground in a real-life short conversation in Luxembourgish. Not without mistakes, of course.
But you know what to expect and what to say, and you understand quite well what others are saying to you.
Imagine being able to achieve all this without boring text books and having to learn lots of grammar rules by heart?
Wouldn’t that be cool?
Well it’s possible with the course A1 Foundation

Materials included in A1 Foundation

Study guide

Study guide is structured around 8 chapters divided into 5 short lessons. This is your starting point to dive into the language with vocabulary, grammar notes, pronunciation tips and plenty of exercises for you to practice what you are learning. Each chapter is designed to facilitate a daily habit of learning Lëtzebuergesch.


Audios throughout each chapter you'll learn dialogs introducing you to new vocabulary. To speed up your listening comprehension and pronunciation we've created over 20 dialogs for you to access, working through your new vocabulary, grammar and tricky pronunciations. You can download them and hit re-play to practice continually.

Classroom videos

Classroom videos think of this as your class time with Anne. Each chapter lesson of the Study Guide is supported with a video to highlight specific elements covered and also provide additional exercises. Watch them once, twice or even ten times, they are yours to revisit.


Flashcards a great method to acquire new vocabulary - by working spelling and pronunciation. Completely online so you can review and learn the words anywhere/anytime.

Chapter Quizzes

Chapter Quizzes effective tool to test your knowledge at the end of each chapter. Even better: you can work them on your phone, tablet, computer where and when you want.

What will my study plan look like?

During the week, set aside 40 minutes a day to tackle:
  • 1 lesson from the Study Guide along with the Video companion (25 minutes)
  • 1 Audio companion (5 minutes)
  • Flash Cards (10 minutes)
This will take you from Monday through Friday. On the weekend, have a review and
(a)Take the chapter quiz to check your progress (10 minutes);
(b)Review the vocabulary with the amazing online flashcards (with audio) that facilitates vocabulary acquisition along with pronunciation.

Bonus: Sentence Structure Course

Enroll now and get free access to the self-study online course Luxembourgish Sentence Structure

In this 10-Day Course you’ll learn

  • The most important basics of the Luxembourgish sentence structure and easy rules to follow when building a sentence and questions.
  • To practise what you have learnt with many exercices.
  • Understand WHY the Luxembourgish sentence structure sometimes changes and how to remember when.

Moien a wëllkomm op menger Internetsäit!

I’m Anne, and my journey started in 2012 when I began sharing Luxembourgish stories to children in libraries, bookshops, and schools. I developed a true passion for teaching Luxembourgish and this led to “Luxembourgish with Anne”, where I teach adults how to master the Luxembourgish language with my result-oriented methodology. I break down the language into bite-sized, entertaining lessons to help you progress quickly.

My teaching approach emphasizes interaction and repetition, focusing on real-life conversations and context to boost your fluency. I’m here to guide you on your language learning journey, ensuring you achieve your Luxembourgish language goals faster than you thought.
My qualifications include the “ZLSK-Certificate” from the Institut National des Langues (INL) and the “Language Coach-Certificate” from Efficient Language Coaching.
But what sets me apart is my genuine passion for teaching.
Join me on this exciting journey to language fluency!

What makes this course special?

High quality & well structured study materials

Classroom videos, audios, online flashcards, quizzes, many exercises, complete study guide.

Support and feedback

Access to the comment section on the online platform. This is the great opportunity to ask questions, ask for feedback and get support from our coaches.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Course: preview the entire lesson 1 of A1 Foundation and get a feel for what awaits you.


Success Stories

With this course you will get real results. How do we know?
Because we’ve had thousands of students learn Luxembourgish with us in the past few years.
Here is what they say, for example:


No, this course is designed for beginners.

This online course is completely self-paced – you decide when you start and when you finish. As soon as you’ve registered and paid you have access to it and can get started.

Once you have registered for the course it will remain available for you to work online for 12 months. This way you can check back in when and if needed as you progress on to A2.

Yes, all modules are unlocked right away and you can work through them at your pace.

Upon registration, the course materials will be available to you via both the Teachable website and IOS app allowing you to work anywhere and at any time. But I appreciate that some folks would like to download the PDF version of the Study Guide so as to print it out for studying. The PDF version of the complete study guide is for free for registered students.

Absolutely – on the course curriculum above you will find materials for lesson 1 available to preview. Simply click on the ‘Preview’ button for each to get a feel for what awaits you.

Yes – your account is for your personal use only. It is not to be shared with others. If friends or family are interested to learn Luxembourgish they will need their own account. Please be aware that any activity indicating account sharing will result in the account being locked until remedial action is taken. Repeated misuse may result in permanent loss of course acess.

Of course! Upon purchase of the course you will be able to post directly on Teachable any questions about the language or the content of the course and get answers from Anne.

Yes, when you receive your results, just get in touch and we will send the necessary documents to submit for reimbursement.

No – all the study materials and resources you need are included in the program.

Pricing and How to Buy


– One time payment
  • 12 months access to the self-study materials.
  • 12 months access to the support & feedback on the platform.
  • Bonus: Sentence Structure Self Study Course.

Get a refund!

After completion of a course reach out to us and we will provide you with a certificate of completion (including the level reached and the hours of study) that you will handle over to your employer. Check with the HR Department of your company on how to proceed.
All our courses qualify for a refund up to 750€ from the government once you’ve passed the Sproochentest.
After your purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email with your login details.
You can start the course immediately. All lessons are unlocked right away and you can work through them at your pace.

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