How to pronounce correctly “ch” in Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish pronunciation ch

The paired consonants “ch” pose problems for people trying to learn Luxembourgish. For starters, its pronunciation changes depending on the preceding letter or, if it appears at the beginning of a word or other circumstances. To make things worse for English speakers, the resulting sound has, often no English equivalent.     ech – sound … Read more

Must-Know Vocabulary about Christmas in Luxembourg

Chrëschtdag Christmas Luxembourg

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chrëschtdag (Christmas)… which is why I’ve decided to write a post with useful vocabulary you need to know when talking about Christmas in Luxembourgish! What Makes Luxembourgish Christmas Different Here in Luxembourg we celebrate the Christmas period slightly different than in other countries. Luxembourg has an Advent period … Read more

Understand the “do-words” – domat , doriwwer, dorun…

Luxembourgish lesson domat, dofir, driwwer, do-words

Today, I’m going to be dealing with one topic you all really love:-) No, not the gender. No, not the cases either. What? Adjective endings?! Oh no and it’s not the word order… The thing we’ll look at today are what in jargon is called “pronominal adverbs”. We know them as … “do-words” do-words such as domat, dofir, … Read more

Remember the Luxembourgish Accusative Prepositions

Luxembourgish free lesson accusative prepositions

In this lesson you will learn the prepositions which always take the accusative case. To see in Luxembourgish if you need to use the accusative or the dative case, you can look at 2 things: Verbs & Prepositions What are prepositions? Prepositions are words that link a noun to the rest of the sentence. Examples of … Read more

Luxembourgish Accusative Case – Personal Pronouns – mech, dech, iech…

Luxembourgish accusative case

If you’ve already been studying Luxembourgish for a while, you are probably still struggling when to say mech, ech, du, dech, dir, iech …  when building a sentence, right? Indeed It can be difficult to understand why you hear or use  one instead of another. Those of you who have some knowledge of Luxembourgish know that the cases … Read more

Understand the 3 Luxembourgish Cases – Nominative, Accusative & Dative

Understand the Luxembourgish Cases

One of the most challenging aspects of learning Luxembourgish, at least initially, can be the fact that each pronoun (personal, possessive etc) and each article has three cases. The three Luxembourgish cases are the nominative, dative and accusative. Fortunately, the Luxembourgish articles and the possessive pronouns are the same in the accusative case as in the nominative … Read more

10 Most Used Luxembourgish Verbs (+ their Conjugation)

10 most used verbs

If you want to describe a cycling adventure, a night out partying or your last weekend, you’ll need verbs to describe your actions. If you’re a beginner Luxembourgish learner and are still tripping up with learning your verbs, I’ve gathered together my top 10 most-used verbs that all beginners should aim to learn from the … Read more

How to say “I prefer” in Luxembourgish

In this lesson you are going to learn several ways to say “I prefer”  in Luxembourgish and how to talk about preferences. Many students have asked me to do a lesson about this subject as they are struggling when trying to talk about their preferences in Luxembourgish. Here you go! léiwer – léiwer wéi – am … Read more