Must-Know Vocabulary about Christmas in Luxembourg

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chrëschtdag (Christmas)… which is why I’ve decided to write a post with useful vocabulary you need to know when talking about Christmas in Luxembourgish!

What Makes Luxembourgish Christmas Different

Here in Luxembourg we celebrate the Christmas period slightly different than in other countries.

Luxembourg has an Advent period and it lasts from December 1st right through to Christmas. However, while in many countries you have to wait the whole 24 days in between, Luxembourg has an extra day of celebration on the 6th. December 6th is Kleeserchersdag (Saint Nicholas’ day), and involves lots of presents and celebrations. And more over the primary schools (for children aged between 6 and 11) are closed!

On the evening of the 5th and already 1  week (or even 10 days) before, children place their shoes on their doorsteps. If they have been well-behaved throughout the year, then Saint Nicholas – de Kleeschen – will fill them with chocolate and sweets.

One other big difference between Christmas in the English-speaking world and Luxembourg is the date on which we receive our presents. In Luxembourg December 6th children receive many or a big present and on December 24th—or Christmas Eve—is when families gather around to exchange gifts and mostly clothes for the children.

One other aspect of Christmas in Luxembourg is the importance of Christmas markets. The Christmas markets are on every day during Advent. Families frequently gather together at the markets and eat Gromperekichelcher or Lënsenzopp and drink Glühwäin (mulled wine).

 25 Luxembourgish Vocabulary & Phrases to Enjoy  this Christmas


den Adventskalenner – the advent calendar

KleeserchersdagSaint Nicholas’ Day

de Chrëschtmaartthe Christmas market

HellegerowendChristmas Eve


de Chrëschtbeemchenthe Christmas tree

d’Chrëschtkaddoenthe Christmas presents

d’Chrëschtkëndchenthe Christ-child

d’ChrëschtvakanzChristmas holidays

d’Chrëschtfeier the Christmas party

schenkento give presents

e Glühwäin – a mulled wine

eng Dindea turkey (as a roast)

e Stollen – Christmas cake (a fruit cake with marzipan)

Schlittschong fueren ice-skating

d’SylvesterNew Year’s Eve


Schéi Feierdeeg an e gudde Rutsch!Merry Christmas and a good start to the New Year!

Merci, mee ech kann net méi! Thank you but I’m full!

No de Feierdeeg maachen ech mol Regime. After the holidays I will be on diet

Mengs du, et gëtt dëst Joer e wäisse Chrëschtdag?Do you think, we will have snow on Christmas this year?

Hausgemaach schmaacht einfach besser. Home-made (food) simply tastes better.

D’nächst Joer kafen ech d’Chrëschtkaddoen éischterNext year I will buy the Christmas presents earlier.

Dat Lidd leeft awer och all Joer ëm dës Zäit. – They play this song every year during the Christmas period.

De Beemche steet schif, oder?The Christmas tree is leaning, isn’t it?

Wat sinn ech frou, wann dee ganzen Zauber eriwwer ass. I’ll be glad when this whole hassle is over.

Feeling festive yet?

Hopefully this blog post has gotten you ready for the holiday season!

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