How to Find Time to study for Sproochentest

find time study Sproochentest

In this lesson we’re going to look at how you can find time to study and how you can create a study plan to make sure that you’re fully prepared for your Sproochentest or any test that you’re doing. This is extremely effective. So we’re going to use a very simple three-step process that I’ve … Read more

5 Smart Ways to Improve your Speaking Skills

If you feel like you are not making progress with your spoken Luxembourgish , then read on because this lesson is going to help you improve your speaking skills for Sproochentest. I am going to give you 5 simple tips you can do everyday that will improve your Luxembourgish speaking, and will help you to … Read more

Learn 10 Adjectives to make better sentences

luxembourgish adjectives

In this lesson you are going to learn 10 adjectives that will help you to better describe the world around you in Luxembourgish.  The adjectives that we’re looking at are extreme adjectives which means that we can use these adjectives instead of always saying very nice, very bad, very ugly etc. So you will learn … Read more

How to stay motivated to speak Luxembourgish

Does this sound familiar to you: You start off learning Luxembourgish and in the first couple of months, you’re learning new things all the time. You’re just feeling inspired. You’re learning lots of new words. Your ability to understand Luxembourgish is improving on a daily basis. This is the usual rise at the beginning. Then inevitably … Read more

When do you say ech hunn vs ech hu?

luxembourgish ech hunn

In your beginners course you have learnt that  I have is ech hunn and that I have a(n) is ech hunn en/eng – depending on the gender of the noun that follows; and I have not is ech hunn net But later on, during your learning journey you came across ech hu for saying that … Read more

Top 8 meanings of schonn – you must know

Luxembourgish vocabulary schonn

You will come across the word schonn very often. Schonn like some other words in Luxembourgish has more than one meaning. Sometimes schonn doesn’t mean anything at all – at least not anything that can be simply translated by a single English word. It may add emphasis, indicate impatience, or just be a filler, a particle. But … Read more

All versus Alles – tricky Luxembourgish words

Luxembourgish lesson all alles

Moien all zesummen!   Sidd dir all do? In this very short Luxembourgish  lesson you will learn the difference between the tricky words all and alles. First listen carefully to the correct pronunciation of both words: all alles   Let’s get started immediately with an example: Ech wunnen zu Lëtzebuerg. Alles ass schéin hei an all … Read more