Model Answers to 3 Questions about the Topic Wunnen – Sproochentest

This is the 1. lesson of the Sproochentest Oral Exam Q&A series, where we will look at 3 types of common questions the examiner is likely to ask you during the Oral Exam (the Topics discussion section). 

In order to prepare for this part of the exam, it is important to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the type of questions you can expect from the examiner (so there are no surprises!)
  • Practice model answers to these question types

Learn the different types of questions and get model answers in my self-study online course Master the Sproochentest – Oral Exam.

Today you’ll learn 3 model answers to 3 types of questions that are likely to come up in the topic Wunnen and which will help you to give better answers in the Sproochentest Oral Exam

Bass du prett? Da lass! – Are you ready? Then let’s get started

Wou wunnt Dir? 

This is often the first question the examiner will ask you. Here are sample answers:

  • Ech wunne säit 3 Joer an engem Haus zu Sandweiler. – I’ve been living in a house in Sandweiler for 3 years. 
  • Ech wunnen zanter 5 Joer mat menger Famill an engem Appartement an der Stad. –  I’ve been living in a flat in Luxembourg city with my family for 5 years. 

Have you noticed: In Luxembourgish, we use the present tense in a sentence with säit or zanter

Kënnt Dir Är Wunneng kuerz beschreiwen?

  • Natierlech. Mäin Appartement ass um éischte Stack. Et ass grouss, ongeféier 100 Quadratmeeter. Et huet zwee Schlofzëmmeren, ee Buedzëmmer mat Dusch, eng separat Toilette, eng oppe Kichen an eng grouss hell Stuff. Ech hunn och eng kleng Terrasse, e Keller an eng Garage. 

Of course. My flat is on the first floor. It’s big, approximately 100 square meters. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom with shower, a separate toilet, an open kitchen and a larg bright living room. I’ve also a small terrace, a cellar and a garage.

  • Mäin Haus huet zwee Stäck. Um Rez-de-Chaussée ass eng Toilette, eng separat Kichen, eng gemittlech Stuff mat Iesszëmmer an e Büro. Um éischte Stack gëtt et dräi Schlofzëmmeren an ee Buedzëmmer. Um Späicher ass e Spillzëmmer. Ech hunn och e klenge Gaart an eng Parkplaz. 

My house has two floors. On the ground floor is a toilet, e separate kitchen, a cosy living room with a dining room and an office. On the first floor there are three bedrooms and one bathroom. In the attic is a playroom.

Wéi gefält Iech Äre Quartier / Äert Duerf?

  • Mäi Quartier gefält mir net esou gutt. Moies an owes gëtt et vill Trafick an dofir ass hei vill Kaméidi. An et gëtt leider keng Natur nobäi. Ech muss den Auto huelen fir an de Park oder an de Bësch ze goen. Allerdéngs si meng Nopere ganz sympathesch.

 I don’t like my neighbourhood so much. There is a lot of traffic in the mornings and evenings and therefore it is noisy here. And there is no nature nearby. I have to take the car to go to the park or to the woods. However, my neighbours are nice.

  • Mir gefält d’Duerf immens gutt. Eis Nopere si frëndlech an hëllefsbereet. Hei gëtt et net vill Trafick an esou ass et relativ roueg. Mir hunn och alles wat mir brauchen: e klenge Supermarché, eng Post, eng Bäckerei, Restauranten, eng Schoul a Spillplazen. An ech brauch just zéng Minutten mam Auto bis an d’Stad. Dat ass praktesch.

I like my town very much. Our neighbours are friendly and helpful. There is not much traffic here and so it is relatively quiet. We also have everything we need: a small supermarket, a post office, a bakery, restaurants, a school and playgrounds. And it takes me only 10 minutes to go to the city. That’s convenient.   

Over to you: 

try to answer these 3 questions to talk about your accommodation and neighbourhood:

  1. Wou wunnt Dir?
  1. Kënnt Dir Är Wunneng kuerz beschreiwen?
  1. Wéi gefält Iech Äre Quartier / Äert Duerf?

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