Bretzelsonndeg or Pretzel Sunday, is a Luxembourgish tradition dating back to the 18th century, and takes place on the 3rd Sunday of Lent.

Unlike the traditional German salted pretzel, this pretzel is a sweet delicacy made from puff pastry covered with sugar and almonds and it’s shape is said to represent the interlaced arms of a couple.

Romantics beware! Bretzelsonndeg is your opportunity to declare your feelings to your beloved. Traditionally, the man offers a pretzel to his sweetheart. If she accepts it, it’s a declaration of reciprocal love, and she will then have to offer him eggs at Easter. If she does not, then the poor lover will receive an empty basket. The widely used Luxembourgish expression de Kuerf kréien (to receive a basket), means being dumped, and is derived from this tradition.

During leap years, like 2020, the tradition is reversed and the women offer the pretzels, and the men take over the eggs or the baskets!

Today, Bretzelsonndeg is mainly used as an excuse by the most greedy ones to enjoy delicious pretzels, which are often showcased in bakeries and supermarkets for the occasion!

This popular tradition is well celebrated: the procession, made up of bakers and the Pretzel Queen, parade in Luxembourg-city streets and hand out pretzels for free.

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