How to Speak Confidently in Sproochentest Oral Exam

How to speak confidently in the Sproochentest speaking exam is the number one challenge for many students.

So, how do you do it?

Well there are things you can do when studying before the Sproochentest Oral Exam, and there are things you can do during the test.

Let’s look at both.

1 Start easy

Confidence comes from small successes, built continuously over time. 

So, start practicing speaking from an easy level. 

Imitation is a good place to start – it builds pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar.

How do you do it?

  1. Begin repeating phrases from a low level audio/video.
  2. Repeat and change a word.
  3. Repeat and change 2 words
  4. Choose more and more difficult audios to practice with.

Here is an example:

  • Ech wunnen zu Lëtzebuerg an ech wunnen hei säit 5 Joer.

Now choose ONE word and change it. Let’s change ECH for MIR. Now say the sentence, but try to keep the same intonation and rhythm as the original.

  • Mir wunnen zu Lëtzebuerg a mir wunnen hei säit 5 Joer.

Now change another word. For example, let’s change 5 JOER for 3 MÉINT.

  • Mir wunnen zu Lëtzebuerg a mir wunnen hei säit 3 Méint.

Continue like this, with other sentences and also with other audio/video files.

This is a simple technique, but it develops pronunciation, consolidates grammar, and builds flexibility.

All of which will start to build your confidence. 

This is just imitation but it is the foundation and a great place to start today.

Practice a little, everyday.

2 Push your comfort zone

We can also build confidence when we face fear

Many students have 3 big fears:

  1. Speaking out in front of others
  2. Making mistakes
  3. Other people laughing at their Luxembourgish

In fact all 3 are interconnected

We build confidence speaking Luxembourgish every time we face our fears.

When we speak out and make mistakes, then actually we see how we grow and improve.  

We can face these fears, by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.

How can we do this?

Well, it’s easy to practice repeating at home alone, but you also need to practice with other people.

Do some Sproochentest Speaking practice where you feel uncomfortable, such as joining a speaking class, finding a teacher online, engaging with others. 

Whatever it is, just start engaging with others and PRACTICING your Luxembourgish with a teacher. 

After all, speaking Luxembourgish is all about communicating with others. 

So push your comfort zone and you will see yourself slowly building your confidence as you speak.

Take one small step.

Decide to do it today. Don’t wait.

Connect with one person and start speaking.

Even just for 5 minutes.

Push the comfort zone.

Join the upcoming class Babbeltreff (Level A2) and practice speaking in a fun environment with fellow students – class starts in January 2023.

3 Practice – don’t memorize

The more you prepare, the more confident you may feel

A good way to prepare is to practice answering common  Sproochentest Oral Exam questions. 

Where do I find and how can I practice common questions?

In my speaking classes and in the self-study online course Master the Sproochentest – Oral Exam I provide you with many common questions and model answers (audios & videos) for any given topic.

Practice, don’t memorise.

Simple, practice answering the questions aloud

4 Develop the skill of confidence when speaking Luxembourgish 

Confidence is something we have to practice 

Have you noticed what happens when people say – ‘don’t be nervous’ – it usually doesn’t work.

However, we never say to people – ‘just play the piano’ – you can’t, you need to practice! 

Well, with confidence it’s the same. 

You can develop your confidence in speaking Luxembourgish by practicing all of the above things.

The key thing is to keep at it. It won’t happen overnight, it takes time.

5 How to speak confidently DURING the Sproochentest Oral Exam?

Keep it simple in Sproochentest Oral Exam

You want to keep your answers simple and accurate. Remember that the level of this exam is A2 (and not B1 or above). You are not supposed to make sentences using complex language (making sentences using “wann”, “well”, “datt”, “éier”, “ob” etc)

If you start trying to use complex language at the very beginning of the test, you put extra stress on yourself. This will usually cause you to make mistakes.

Mistakes early on do not create a good first impression.

Keep it simple – short answers of maybe 1 to 2 sentences. 

Get the PDF!

I hope all of this tips, will help you eventually grow to be a more confident speaker. 

With the online course Master the Sproochentest Oral Exam I share strategies, top tips and the experience I have gained over the years so that you can benefit of it, gain confidence and achieve your best score at the Sproochentest’s oral exam.

 The 50-Day-Study-Plan shows you exactly what you should study, when you should study and how to get ready in 6 weeks with this self-paced online course.

The most flexible approach to Sproochentest preparation:

Study in any location, at any time and always at your own pace!

This course will help you strengthen and practice both your pronunciation and speaking skills.


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