Practice Luxembourgish Prepositions Quiz

How well do you know your Luxembourgish Prepositions?

I invite you to read as well this lesson: 10 common mistakes with prepositions!

Take this quiz to find out!

I’ll show you a sentence with 3 options for the preposition. Try to choose the right one.

I’ll show you the answer after 5 seconds.

There are 10 sentences in this quiz. But on my blog you can practice with far more examples and get all the solutions!

Beispill (example):

Ech fueren um 7 Auer moies ______ d’Aarbecht. –  I drive to work at 7am.

a) an  b) op  c)  zu

☛ b) Ech fueren um 7 Auer moies op d’Aarbecht.


Find the correct preposition:

1. Mir fueren ________ Zuch op Paräis. – We go (drive) by train to Paris.

    a) mat*  b) mam  c)  bei

Read more about the preposition mat in this lesson!

2. De Fliger kënnt ______ Dublin. – The plane is coming from Dublin.

     a) aus  b) zu  c)  vun

3. Meng Noperen waren 1 Mount ____  Indien. – My neighbours were for 1 month in India.

     a) an  b) op  c)  zu

4. Ech si(nn) _______ 3 Deeg zeréckkomm. – I came back 3 days ago.

      a) no  b) an  c)  virun

5. De Vol ______ 8 Stonnen war ustrengend. – The 8-hour flight was exhausting.

     a) vun  b) an  c)  um

6. Stell d’Fläsch Wäin ____ de Frigo! – Put the bottle of wine into to fridge.

    a) am  b) um  c)  an

7. D’Apdikt ass _______ der Gare. – The pharmacy is next to the station.

     a) tëschent  b) iwwert  c)  niewent

8. D’Fläsch Waasser steet _____ Dësch. – The bottle of water is on the table.

      a) am  b) um  c)  an

9. Ech klammen ______ dem Bus. – I get out of the bus.

     a) aus  b) op  c)  an

10. Ech ginn haut _______ Maria an de Kino. – I go to the cinema with Maria today.

         a) mat  b) mam  c)  mat der

11. Komm mir ginn ________ de Park. Et ass schéint Wieder. – Let’s go through the park. It’s nice weather.

      a) iwwer  b) duerch  c)  laanscht

12. ______ Cours ginn ech direkt heem. – After the course I’ll go straight home.

       a) no der  b) no  c)  nom

13. Mir mussen _____ eis Vakanz schwätzen. – We have to talk about our holidays.

        a) vun  b) iwwert  c)  während

14. ______ gëschter hunn ech Congé. – I’ve been on leave since yesterday.

       a) fir  b) virun  c)  zanter (zënter)

15. Ech léiere _____ 6 Méint Däitsch. – I’ve been learning German for 6 months.

      a) zanter/  säit  b) virun  c)  fir

Read more about the prepositions zanter & säit in this lesson!

16. Ech huelen de Bus ____ ______ d’Stad. – The train goes to (as far as) Lux city.

       a) bis / an  b) — / an  c)  — / op

17. Mir fueren ___  de Weekend ___ d’Vakanz. – We’ll drive on vacation at the weekend.

      a) an / an  b) an / zu  c)  — / an

18. _____ Fréijoer schaffen ech gär _____ Gaart. – I like to do some gardening in Spring.

      a) Um / am  b) Am / am  c)  Am / um

19. ____ Mëttwoch ____ Owend ginn ech  ____ de Yogacours. – I’ll go this Wednesday                 evening to the yogaclass.

      a) — / am / an  b) De / en / op  c)  E / den / an

20. ___ moies drénken ech ____ 7h00 ____ 7h20 Kaffi. – I’m having breakfast from 7am                                                                until 7h20 every morning (in the mornings)

      a) — / vun / bis  b) De / vun / bis  c)  Am / géint / bis

Download the PDF to get the solutions of the exercise and to practice what you’ve learnt in this lesson!

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