55 Common Luxembourgish Phrases – Intermediate Level

The goal of this lesson is to teach you Luxembourgish PHRASES that you can use in many different situations. The phrases selected for this lesson are for intermediate students and typical expressions used by native speakers.

You can get fluent faster if you focus on learning Luxembourgish PHRASES – the same phrases that native speakers use every day.

Some phrases are indicated as especially formal (form) or informal (inf) or colloquial (coll)

5 Ways to check if the other person understands you


  1. Verstitt Dir wat ech mengen? – Do you understand what I mean? (form)
  2. Mécht dat Sënn? – Does that make sense?
  3. Weess du wat ech mengen? –Do you know what I mean? (inf)
  4. Ass dat kloer? – Is that clear?
  5. Ass dat verständlech?  Is that clear? (in the sense of  intelligible)

5 Ways to ask for help


  1. Kënnt Dir mir hëllefen, w.e.g? – Can you help me please? (form)
  2. Kanns du mir eng Hand upaken? – Can you give me a hand? (inf)(usually used for physical tasks)
  3. Kanns du mir e Gefale maachen? – Can you do me a favor?
  4. Ech brauch deng Hëllef. – I need your help. (inf)
  5. Hutt Dir ee Moment Zäit? – Can you spare me a moment? (form)

8 Phrases for remembering / reminding & forgetting


  1. Dat vergiessen ech ni. – I’ll never forget about that.
  2. Ech ka mech net erënneren. – I can’t remember.
  3. Wann ech mech richteg erënneren … .  If I remember correctly …
  4. Et läit mir op der Zong. – It’s on the tip of my tongue. (I’m trying to remember, but I can’t remember)
  5. Ech erënnere mech net méi. – I can’t remember any more.
  6. Vergiesst net ….ze …. – Don’t forget to ….
  7. Ech erënneren dech drun, datt ….  I remind you about … (inf)
  8. Dat hunn ech total vergiess. – I totally forgot about that. (inf) 

8 Phrases for saying something is easy or difficult


  1. Dat ass dach einfach. – That’s so easy.
  2. Dat ass e Kannerspill – It’s a piece of cake.
  3. Jidderee kann dat. – Anyone can do that.
  4. Dajee, probéier! – Come on try! (coll)
  5. ‘ t ass schwéier.   It’s hard.
  6. Dat ass ustréngend. – It’s very demanding.
  7. ‘ t ass haart … {moies fréi opzestoen}- It’s hard …{to get up early in the morning}
  8. Dat ass eng kriddeleg Fro. – That’s a tricky question.

5 Expressions about age


  1. Hatt ass ugangs / ufangs 30. – She is in her early thirties.
  2. Ech sinn ausgangs 30.   I’m in my late thirties.
  3. Meng Mamm kënnt an den Alter. – My mom is getting old.
  4. Ech krut grad 40 Joer. – I just turned 40.
  5. Ech sinn net méi grad esou jonk. – I am as young as I used to be.

10 Phrases for talking about food


  1. Ech stierwe vun Honger. – I’m starving.
  2. Ech hunn de géien Honger. – I’m very hungry. (coll)
  3. Dat schmaacht immens gutt. – That tastes very good.
  4. Dat ass lecker. – This is delicious.
  5. Ech iessen am léiftsen …Nuddelen. – My favourite dish is  …. pasta.
  6. An … schmaacht et? – And … how does it taste?(And … do you like it?)
  7. Ech kann net méi.. – I am full. (I can’t eat more)
  8. Ech si sat. – I’m stuff / full.
  9. Dat ass net grad menges.  – That’s not really my taste.
  10. Dat ass net z’ iessen. – This is really not good.

8 Ways to talk about price


  1. Dat ass onbezuelbar. – It’s unaffordable.
  2. Dat kascht e Verméigen. – It costs a fortune.
  3. Dat kann ech mir net leeschten. – I can’t afford this.
  4. Dat ass zimlech deier. – That’s quite pricey.
  5. Dat ass awer gënschteg. – That’s really cheap.
  6. Dat do ass jo kee Präis!   That’s really not expensive.
  7. Dat ass immens bëlleg. – That’s extremely cheap.
  8. Dat ass eng gutt Affär. – That’s a good deal.

5 Ways to say that you are tired


  1. Ech si midd. –  I’m tired.
  2. Ech sinn doudmidd. – I’m dead tired.
  3. Ech kann net méi. – I can’t anymore.
  4. Ech sinn dätsch. –  I’m exhausted. (coll)
  5. Ech sinn um Enn. – I’m exhausted. (I have no  more energy)

10 Excuses for being late


  1. Entschëllegt d’Verspéidung*. –  Sorry, I’m late. (form)
  2. Et deet mer leed, datt ech ze spéit kommen. – I’m sorry for being late.
  3. Et gouf méi spéit, wéi ech geduecht hunn.  – It got later than I thought.
  4. Ech wäert e bësse Retard hunn. – I will have a bit of a delay.
  5. Et war immens vill Trafic. – The traffic was terrible.
  6. De Bus hat Verspéidung. – The bus was late.
  7. Ech konnt keng Parkplaz fannen. – I couldn’t find a parking place.
  8. D’Reunioun huet méi laang gedauert. – I was tied up in a meeting.
  9. Ech hu mech verschlof. – I overslept. 
  10. Et deet mer leed, mee ech hunn net op d’Auer gekuckt. – Sorry, but I just lost track of time. (I didn’t notice  what time it was)

*D’Verspéidung = de Retard

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