55 Common Luxembourgish Phrases – Advanced Level

The goal of this lesson is to teach you Luxembourgish PHRASES that you can use in many different situations. The phrases selected for this lesson are for advanced students and typical expressions used by native speakers.

GET fluent faster if you focus on learning Luxembourgish PHRASES – the same phrases that native speakers use every day.

Some phrases are indicated as especially formal (form) or informal (inf) or colloquial (coll)

7 Ways to avoid answering a question


  1. Kee Commentaire. – No comment.
  2. Mir gesinn dat méi spéit. – We’ll talk another time about that.
  3. Ech komme méi spéit drop zeréck. – Let me get back to you later.
  4. Ech hu keng Loscht driwwer ze schwätzen. – I’d rather not talk about it.
  5. Et deet mer leed, dat ass perséinlech.  I’m sorry, that’s personal.
  6. Dat geet dech näischt un. – It’s none of your business. (coll)
  7. Këmmer dech ëm deng eege Saachen. – Mind your own business.

#6 & #7 are quite rude – telling the other person to stop inquiring about your life.

8 Phrases for being rich or poor


  1. Ech hu kee Su an der Täsch. – I have no money with me. / I’m short on cash.
  2. Ech hu kee Wak méi. – I’m broke. (coll)
  3. Ech hu kee Rouden a kee Wäisse méi. – I’m broke.
  4. Déi hunn et gutt. – They are quite well-off.
  5. Dat si Leit mat Suen / Goss. – They are wealthy / rolling in dough.
  6. Si schwammen am Geld. They are very rich.
  7. Si si steeräich. – They are loaded.
  8. Mir kënnen eis alles leeschten. – We can afford everything.

6 Phrases for telling someone to wait


  1. Ech hunn nach fir eng Minutt! An da sinn ech fir Iech do. – Give me one more minute! And then I’ll be with you.
  2. Ech hunn elo keng Zäit. Kann ech Iech an XX Minutten zeréckruffen? – I’ve no time now. Can I call you back in XX minutes?
  3. Waart eng Minutt! – Hang on a second! (inf)
  4. Ech kommen direkt.  I’ll be right with you.
  5. Alles mat der Rou! – Hold your horses. (used for cautioning someone to wait  and not to make a bad decision)
  6. Kanns du nach ee Moment waarden? – Can you wait a moment? (inf)

5 Phrases for decision


  1. Ech ka mech net entscheeden. – I can’t make up my mind.
  2. Ech iwwerleeë mer dat emol. – I’ll take that onto consideration.
  3. Ech sëtzen tëschent 2 Still. – I don’t know what to decide.
  4. Ech hu meng Meenung geännert. – I changed my mind.
  5. Wéi Dir wëllt / Wéi s du wëlls. – It’s up to you. (form / inf)

8 Phrases for good luck or bad luck


  1. Alles Guddes. – Good luck.
  2. Vill Gléck. – Good luck.
  3. Vill Erfolleg.  Good luck. (a lot of success)
  4. Ech hat dës Kéier Chance. – I was lucky this time.
  5. Mat e bësse Chance komme mir matzäiten. – With a bit of luck we’ll be in time.
  6. Du Glécklechen / Glécklecht! – Lucky you! (masc. / fem.)
  7. Wat e Pech! – What a bad luck.
  8. Mir hate Pech mam Wieder. – We had bad luck with the weather.

6 Phrases for compliments


  1. Du gesäis gutt / flott aus. – You look nice.
  2. Wat e schéinen / schéint / eng schéin ….. ! – What a beautiful (masc. / neuter / fem.) ….!
  3. Ech fannen däin / deng …. flott!.– I like your (masc., neut. / fem.) … .
  4. Däin Appartement / Deng Wunneng gefält mir. – I like your appartement / flat.
  5. Deng Lasagna schmaacht wonnerbar. – Your Lasagna is delicious.
  6. Du kachs immens gutt. – You’re a fantastic cook.

7 Ways to say that something is interesting or boring


  1. Et ass faszinant.   It’s fascinating.
  2. D’Buch ass immens spannend. – The book is really gripping / exciting.
  3. Dat ass ganz interessant. – That’s very interesting.
  4. Dat ass net menges. – That’s not my cup of tea.
  5. Dat interesséiert mech keng Boun. – I couldn’t care less (about that). (coll)
  6. De Film war doudlangweileg. – The movie was deadly boring.
  7. Ech hu mech fuerchtbar gelangweilt. – I was bored to death.

5 Ways to say that someone is wrong


  1. Ech mengen, du iers dech.   I’m afraid you are mistaken. (inf)
  2. Ech mengen, dat ass net ganz richteg. – I’m afraid that’s not quite right.
  3. Dir hutt dat falsch verstanen. – You’ve misunderstood that. (form)
  4. Dat ass absolut falsch. – That’s absolutely wrong.
  5. Dat ass Blödsinn. – That’s nonsense.


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