How to say “I like to …” in Luxembourgish

In this lesson you’ll learn how to say I like doing something in Luxembourgish, e.g. I like …to  go to the dentist. It works a little bit different from the English language. If you want to say I like doing something in Luxembourgish you’ve to use the adverb


You will hear some native speakers say gären, which means exactly the same. You can use both.

Word Order of the adverb gär

  1. Statement

As gär is an adverb, you have to put it after a verb so you’ll have the construction:

Subjectverb + gär


gär NEVER comes immediately after the subject. You cannot say “ech gär …” no, no, NO. Always put a verb before gär.

Beispiller (examples)

Ech danze gär(en). – I like to dance.

Ech spille gär Tennis. – I like to play soccer.

Meng Kanner iesse gär Glace. – My children like to eat ice cream. 

Ech maache gär Sport. – I like doing sports.

2. Question

If you like to ask a question such as Do you like cooking? it works exactly the same way. But you will have to start with the verb as thus we use the construction:

Verb + subject + gär

Beispiller (examples)

Kachs du gär? – Do you (informal) like to cook?

Fiers du gär Vëlo? – Do you like to cylce?

Gees du gär mat mir eppes drénken? – Do you (informal) like to go for a drink with me?

Gitt dir gär de Weekend an de Restaurant? – Do you (plural) like to go to the restaurant at the weekend?

How to say “I like to go ….

I go is in Luxembourgish ech ginn. But when you want to say I like to go … you will hear Ech gi gär…


Well because of the Luxembourgish N-Rule. It is important to be aware of this n-rule so that you understand when native speakers talk and recognize this part of phrase in conversations.

Listen to the video so to practice and get used to the pronunciation!

Beispiller (examples)

Ech gi gär an d’Stad akafen. – I like to go shopping in Luxembourg city.

Mir gi gär an d’Schwämm. – We like to go to the swimming pool.

Ech gi gär mam Hond spadséieren.  – I like to go for a walk with the dog.

Meng Eltere gi gär op Concerten. – My parents like to go to concerts.

Si gi gär bei de Coiffer. – They like to go to the hairdresser.

How to say “I don’t like to …

If you don’t like doing something use: net gär (don’t like) or guer net gär (don’t like at all). These are placed directly after the main verb in a sentence.

Beispiller (examples)

Ech ginn net gär bei den Zänndokter. – I don’t like to go to the dentist.

Ech maache guer net gär Sport. – I don’t like at all to do sports.

You can watch the video HERE!

Übung (exercise)

Download the PDF so to practice what you’ve learnt in this lesson!

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