How to say “I feel like doing something” in Luxembourgish

In the previous lesson you learned how to say “I like doing something” in Luxembourgish and in this lesson you’ll learn how to say I feel like doing something or I don’t feel like doing something. The key word you need to express this idea of wanting something is Loscht (literally it means desire, wish).

Sentence Construction

1. Statement

If you want to say I feel like to + activity you need to use the following construction:

Ech hu Loscht ….. ze + verb (infinitve)

This small word “ze” can translated by “to“.

Beispiller (examples)

Ech hu Loscht den Owend an de Kino ze goen. –  I feel like going (to go) to the movies tonight.

Ech hu Loscht haut ze kachen. – I feel like cooking today.

Mir hu Loscht 2 Deeg op Paräis ze fueren. – We feel like driving (going) to Paris for 2 days. 

2. Negation

If you want to negate this phrase by saying I don’t feel like to + activity you need to say:


Ech hu keng Loscht ….. ze + verb (infinitve)

Beispiller (examples)

Ech hu keng Loscht ze schaffen. –  I don’t feel like working.

Mäi Jong huet keng Loscht an d’Schoul ze goen. – My son doesn’t feel like going to school.

Ech hu keng Loscht op dech ze waarden. – I don’t feel like waiting for you.

3. Question

An easy and friendly way to make an invitation for some kind of activity is to ask someone:

Hues du Loscht …..?

Beispiller (examples)

Hues du Loscht mat eis an de Kino ze goen? –  Do you (informal) feel like going to the movies with us?

Hues du Loscht mir ze hëllefen? – Do you feel like helping me?

Hutt dir Loscht de Weekend bei mech ze kommen? – Do you (plural) feel like coming to my place on the weekend?

4. Separable verbs

If you want to use a verb with a separable particle such as matkommen, ufänken, heemfueren, laanschtkommen you have to put ze between the particle and the stem of the verb:

Beispiller (examples)

Hues du Loscht haut laanschtzekommen? –  Do you (informal) feel like coming over today?

Ech hu Loscht elo heemzefueren. – I feel like going (driving) home now.

Mir hu keng Loscht matzekommen. – We don’t feel like coming along. 

Ech hu Loscht op ….+ noun

Beispiller (examples)

Ech Loscht op Pizza. –  I’m up for pizza. (I feel like eating pizza).

Hutt dir Loscht op e Béier? – Are you guys up for a beer?

Hues du Loscht op en Dessert? – Are you up for a dessert?

You can watch this lesson HERE to practice your oral and listening skills.

Useful phrases

Ech hunn op näischt Loscht.I am up for nothing.

Ech hunn absolut keng Loscht eppes ze maachen. – I absolutely don’t feel like doing anything.

Elo ass mir all Loscht vergaangen.  – Now I lost all interest / pleasure.

Übung (exercise)

Download the PDF so to practice what you’ve learnt in this lesson!

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