8 Benefits of Having a Language Coach

“I’m learning Luxembourgish not only to pass the exam to acquire Luxembourgish citizenship but mainly to be able to communicate with native speakers,” Katy said, frustrated. A Russian woman living in Luxembourg, Katy told me over and over how she felt it was difficult to improve her Luxembourgish and stay motivated. “I feel like I … Read more

How to Practice Listening – Sproochentest

To be ready to take the listening comprehension part of the Sproochentest you must PRACTICE  listening properly.  Many people believe that ‘good practice’ means mock listening exam over and over again…  But in this lesson, I’ll explain why doing only this isn’t gonna help you. You’ll see, if you practice listening to Luxembourgish the right … Read more

Model Answers to 3 Questions about the topic Medien & Technologien

Sproochentest Technologien

This is lesson 5 of the Sproochentest Oral Exam Q&A series. In lesson 4 you’ve learned model answers to 3 types of questions regarding the topic Vakanz/Reesen. Today you’ll learn model answers to questions regarding the topic Medien/Technologien.These answers will help you give better answers in the Sproochentest Oral Exam. And did you know that … Read more

How to Speak Confidently in Sproochentest Oral Exam

Sproochentest oral exam

How to speak confidently in the Sproochentest speaking exam is the number one challenge for many students. So, how do you do it? Well there are things you can do when studying before the Sproochentest Oral Exam, and there are things you can do during the test. Let’s look at both. 1 Start easy Confidence … Read more

Meaning and use of “weeder …. nach”

Luxembourgish vocabulary weeder nach

In this lesson we will have a look at the meaning and use of a useful combination in Luxembourgish: weeder… nach… Suppose you have a bad day and you are grumpy. People might offer you things to make you feel better and yet this is just making you even grumpier. If you know what I … Read more