Luxembourgish Online Lessons – Benefits & How to be best prepared

Luxembourgish online lessons

You’ve probably tried learning Luxembourgish the traditional way by going to a school, right?  But it took you too much time to go there and you felt that the results were not satisfying, and especially you had very few possibilities to practice speaking during the lessons. Have you ever thought about taking Luxembourgish lessons online? Trust … Read more

Passive Voice in Luxembourgish – Easily Explained / B1

Luxembourgish Passive voice

When do we use the passive voice? The passive is used when the speaker/writer wants to put emphasis on the action and object of the sentence rather than the subject doing the action.The passive voice tells us that… either it is:  not important who does something; or we don’t know who is doing something Beispill (example): … Read more

How to say BEFORE in Luxembourgish

How say before Luxembourgish

During our Luxembourgish conversation classes, my students often want to say in Luxembourgish sentences such as Before I go to work I do this and that. And then I see them hesitating and most of the time I hear phrases such as:  Virun ech ginn op d’Aarbecht, ech drénken Kaffi.  Short sentence but with some mistakes😉. … Read more

Luxembourgish Conversation Workout #4: Talking about your family/ A2

Luxembourgish conversation family

Ready for your next Luxembourgish Conversation Workout? Natural pronunciation takes practice, so here is 15 minutes of speaking training to help you sound more natural when you meet someone and respond to their questions! More pronunciation practice: Basics of Luxembourgish Pronunciation Conversation Workout #1: Greetinfs & Introduction Conversation Workout #2: Making Plans Conversation Workout #3: Finalising … Read more

Learn how to describe a person / A2

describe a person Luxembourgish

In this lesson you will learn lots of vocabulary to describe a person, i.e., his physical appearance, the impression you got from that person,  what clothes the person is wearing and the colors of the clothes. The focus will be on the description of a person you saw on a picture, for example on a … Read more

Learn the colors and useful phrases / A1

Colors in Luxembourgish

In this lesson you’ll learn how to say the colors in Luxembourgish. This lesson will be very colorful. Dat gëtt eng faarweg Lektioun. The Luxembourgish word for colorful is faarweg. As you can hear faarweg is not pronounced as it is spelled. Practice your pronunciation: Basics of Luxembourgish Pronunciation I recommend that you watch the Video … Read more