Luxembourgish Online Lessons – Benefits & How to be best prepared

You’ve probably tried learning Luxembourgish the traditional way by going to a school, right? 

But it took you too much time to go there and you felt that the results were not satisfying, and especially you had very few possibilities to practice speaking during the lessons.

Have you ever thought about taking Luxembourgish lessons online? Trust me, I teach Luxembourgish online:-)

Online Lessons Group & individual 

In this lesson I want to help you to get the most out of your Luxembourgish classes.

What are the benefits

1) Online classes are convenient, in particular they offer more flexibility.

Learning a language online through Skype, Facetime etc. is less time consuming for those of us who are always “on-the-go”. You don’t have to worry about managing your time as much as you do when you have some place to be.

2) Studying online with a teacher will help you open up and speak more. One student of mine who is very good at grammar is very shy when it comes to speaking. So, I suggested that we have skype classes just so she actually uses what she’s learning and practices speaking more. And our Skype classes have made her more confident in speaking.

Give it a try!

Now I want to give you some tips to help you to prepare for your first online Luxembourgish lesson but even if you’ve been taking online classes for a while now, I still think that some of the tips that I share today are going to be really helpful to help you get more out of your lessons.

How to prepare for your lessons

I’ve got four important things that I want to share with you and the first one is relevant even before you decide which course or which class to take. And that is:

Tip 1 – Why are you taking this class?

Now I want you to think further than “I need to improve my Luxembourgish.”

Think more specifically than that. The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to find the right classes, the right teacher and get the results that you want.

So ask yourself:

  • Are you learning Luxembourgish because you need it for a job?
  • Do you want to focus on your pronunciation or the sentence structure?
  • Or maybe you’re planning on sitting the language exam called Sproochentest to acquire the luxembourgish citizenship?

Is that why you’re learning?

In fact, tell me right now if you were to take an online Luxembourgish class, what type of class would you be looking for?

You see if  you need to improve your Luxembourgish speaking skills, then conversation classes are going to be way more useful for you than general Luxembourgish classes. 

Or, if you’re planning to sit an exam, well, of course you need to practise both your oral and listening skills.

And it is so powerful to study with a teacher who can help you to understand and to practise the format of the exam. So having a really clear answer to this question is going to get you the best results.

Tip 2 – Get tech-savvy and organised!

If you’ve never joined an online class before, you need to spend some time understanding the software that you need to use to connect.

You need to download it, you need to test it before the time of your class and even though this sounds really, really simple, I can’t tell you how many times students of mine have been trying to join my classes after it started and if it’s a group class, I may not be able to stop the class and try and help you with your technical problems.

And if it’s a one-on-one class, well, then you’re just losing the time that you’ve paid for. So my advice is to put in a few minutes, yes that’s all it really takes, so that you know how to join the classes when the time comes.

Just get yourself organised before your first class.

And one more note about technology. Although it’s really handy to be able to join your class from anywhere on your phone, it’s really hard to see the screen. So if your teacher’s using a digital whiteboard and or maybe even asking you to read a document it’s going to be hard to do that on your phone. So using your phone should be a last resort. Joining an online class from your computer is always going to give you a better experience.

Tip 3 – Take notes!

Now I know this is a really obvious thing to do in an offline classroom, in a normal classroom 

But online classes can be so flexible, sometimes we’re a little too relaxed about it, you know we forget the basics. You need to have a place that is quiet and calm to do your lessons and you need to be able to take notes.

So if you’re joining your class from your computer, you’ll be able to take notes on your computer but just be aware that if you are typing on a laptop, it can actually be really noisy and distracting for everyone else.

And if you’re joining from your phone, you can’t take notes anywhere so you need to be somewhere where you can write.

When you go to a school into a classroom, it’s quiet, you don’t have any distractions, you have a clean desk to work at and it helps you to stay focused on your lesson. Take this same respect with you into your online classes.

Tip 4 – Come prepared with questions!

Definitely come prepared with questions or things that you want to work on during your lesson. Coming to the class with really clear priorities and questions will help your teacher to give you what you want from your lessons. So you’re preparing for your first online class. Now if you’re meeting a tutor one-to-one, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Tell them what the challenges you’re having with your Luxembourgish are. 

If you tell your teacher what you’re struggling with, then they will likely gather materials for the next class so that you can practise working on those things together. If you and your teacher work together as a team, then you’re going to go so much further with your classes.

So that’s my advice as an Luxembourgish teacher but now I want yours. I’m sure you’ve had some experiences with online Luxembourgish classes. I’d love to hear about it . 

By taking online lessons with me you get a Free evaluation session (20 minutes)  with me on Skype!

Class online is practical in that it’s less time consuming and more convenient, it builds confidence because it relies mostly on speaking.

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Take your Luxembourgish to the next level with my online lessons!

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