10 better ways to say “Ech hunn … net gär”

Need some other, BETTER ways to explain in Luxembourgish that you don’t like something or someone? Wondering what you can say instead? You can be direct with your meaning, and not be rude – and that’s exactly what I’m sharing in this lesson!

So let’s first look at Ech hunn eppes net gär I don’t like something. It could be food, it could be music, any activity but NOT people. 

I don’t like something

1. Dat ass net menges 

Think of this simple question:

 Ëss du gär chineesech? 

Now you could answer by saying Nee, ech iesse net gär chineesesch.  But an alternative would be: 

  • Also, dat ass net menges.  Well, that’s not my thing (that’s not my cup of tea).

This expression is an informal but still quite a polite way of saying that you don’t like something.

  • Dat ass net menges, ech hunn déi japanesch Kiche léiwer. – It’s not my thing, I prefer Japanese food.

Anert Beispill (other example)

  • Solle mer Chrëschtdag Foie Gras iessen? Oh nee, dat ass wierklech net menges. – Shall we eat Foie Gras for Christmas day? Oh no, that’s really not my thing.

2. Ech hu léiwer 

Think about a situation where you might need to show respect with your answer.

For example, you’re invited to a friend’s house and they introduce you to a friend of theirs, a Thai friend and you’re having a good time and then they ask you: “Do you like Thai food?” and you think not really.

So in this situation, you can respond by talking about what you do like instead by saying:

  • Ech hu léiwer italieenesch Kichen.I prefer Italian food.

Anert Beispill (other example)

  • Fir éierlech ze sinn, iessen ech léiwer Austeren wéi Foie Gras. – To be honest, I’d rather eat oysters than Foie Gras.

3. Dat ass net mäi Goût  / Geschmaach

When you’re talking about food and it is not to your taste then you can use the words Goût / Geschmaach: dat ass net mäi Goût / Geschmaach:

  • Déi japanesch Kichen ass net wierklech mäi Geschmaach. – The Japanese food is not to my taste.
  • Déi kal Zopp hei ass guer net mäi Goût. – This cold soup isn’t at all to my taste.

You can as well say dat ass net no mengem Goût / Geschmaach

BUT when you’re talking about style / fashion / music then you have to use Goût

  • D’Jazzmusek ass net mäi Goût.The jazz is not to my taste.

But you could also choose your words a little more carefully and you could say:

4. Ech si kee Fan vun …

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech si kee Fan vu Gromperekichelcher.I’m not a fan of potato fritters.
  • Ech si kee grousse Fan vun Jazzmusek. – I’m not a big fan of jazz.

5. Dat seet mir näischt

So let’s think about those times when someone makes a suggestion that you don’t really like. Usually dat seet mir näischt  is used when someone suggests an activity or maybe an idea for an activity.

Beispiller (examples)

  • Solle mer muer zesummen op d’Musel spadséiere goen? Hmm … nee,  dat seet mir näischt. – Should we go together to the Musel for a walk tomorrow? Hmm … no that doesn’t tickle my fancy.


  • Also éierlech … et seet mir näischt fir dêst Joer Chrëschtdag mat denger Famill ze feieren . – So honestly, I am not fancy to celebrate Christmas day with your family this year.

I don’t like a person

Let’s talk about I don’t like a person. When you’re talking about a person you don’t like, we’ve got to be a bit careful. Let’s have a closer look how to express yourself

1. léiwer net

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech komme léiwer net Hellegowend mat bei däi Brudder.  I’d  rather not come to to your brother’s house on Christmas Eve.
  • Mir gi léiwer net mat op d’Party. Mir hunn dat net gär wann esou vill Leit do sinn.  – We’d rather not go to the party. We son’t like hanging out with  many people. 

2. ech kann hatt / hien net ausstoen

I don’t really like her/him you can say:

Beispiller (examples)

  • Also ech kann dee Garçon net ausstoen. – Well, I can’t stand this waiter.
  • Ech froe mech. wéi dir déi Nopesch ausstoe kënnt. – I’m wondering how you (plural) can stand this neighbour (female).

3. ech ginn net eens mat ……

Beispiller (examples)

  • Du weess jo, ech ginn net esou gutt eens mat denger Frëndin. –  But you know, I don’t get along with your friend (female)
  • Ech gi leider net eens mat mengem Papp – Unfortunately I don’t get along with my father.

4. et huet ni esou richteg gefunkt tëscht …..

Use this expression to say we never really clicked:  We never really enjoyed hanging out with each other so I don’t want her / him to come. I don’t really like her / him.

  • Et huet ni esou richteg gefunkt tëscht menger Schwéiesch a mir. – My sister in law and I never really clicked.
  • An? Huet et tëscht iech zwee gefunkt? Nee, net esou richteg… – And? Did both of you click? No, not really …

Let’s practice:

Translate the following sentences into Luxembourgish:

  1. No, a walk after dinner is really not my thing.
  2. I can’t stand the salesman in this shop.
  3. The food in this restaurant isn’t at all to my taste.

Check the solution by downloading the PDF and practice  with MORE sentences to translate !

Get the PDF!

I hope you liked it and found it useful. And …. why not sharing this lesson with your friends:-)

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