Learn 10 Verbs with the preposition mat

In  Luxembourgish there are verbs which take a certain preposition 

and in this lesson you will learn 10 verbs that take the preposition mat with.

Remember that mat is a preposition that always takes the dative case

1. ufänken mat 

to start

Beispiller (examples)

  • Mir fänken um 8 Auer mam* Cours un. – We are starting with the class at 8am.
  • Ech hunn haut um 8 Auer mat schaffen ugefaangen . – I started to work at 8am today.
  • Ech fänken ëmmer um 6 Auer owes u mat kachen. – I always start cooking at 6pm.

*mam is the contraction of mat + dem 

2. ophale mat 

to stop, to quit

Beispiller (examples)

  • Hatt huet mam Pianospillen opgehalen. – She quit playing the piano.
  • Wéini hues du da mat fëmmen opgehalen? – When have you stopped smoking?
  • Mir halen um 6 Auer owes op mat schaffen. -We stop working at 6pm.

Note: When using the verbs ufänken & ophalen the preposition mat is often followed by a verb at the infinitive. 

3. fuere mat 

to drive with

Beispiller (examples)

  • Mäi Mann fiert all Dag mam Zuch op d’Aarbecht. – My husband drives (goes) to work by train every day.
  • Ech fuere guer net gär eleng mam Lift.  I don’t like at all to take the lift alone.
  • Fiers du oft mam Vëlo an d’Stad? – Do you often bike to the city?

4. rechne mat

 to expect sth

  • Ech hu mat senger Reaktioun net gerechent. – I didn’t expect his reaction.
  • Mir mussen de Weekend mat Ree rechnen.  I have to expect rain at the weekends.
  • Mir haten net mat esou vill Persoune gerechent. – We didn’t expect so many people.

5. jäize mat 

to tell someone off

  • D’Nopere jäizen oft mat hire Kanner. – The neighbours often tell off their children.
  • Mamma, de Schoulmeeschter huet haut mat eis gejaut.  Mum, the teacher told us off today.
  • Hien huet mat mir gejaut. – He told me off.

6. schwätze mat 

 to talk to / to speak with 

  • Huet hie mat sengem Papp geschwat? – Did he speak with his father?
  • Ech muss muer mat dengem Proff schwätzen.  I have to talk to your teacher tomorrow.
  • Hues du mat  him geschwat. – Did you talk to him/her?

7. streide mat  

 to argue with someone

  • Hie streit andauernd mat senger Schwëster. – He is constantly arguing with his sister.
  • Mäi Mann streit oft mat sengem Papp. – My husband is often argueing with his father.

8. telefonéiere mat 

to be on the phone with

  • Ee Moment, ech telefonéiere grad mat menger Mamm. – Hold on a sec, I’m just on the phone with my mother. 
  • Meng Duechter huet nees eng Stonn mat senger Frëndin telefonéiert. – My daughter was again on the phone with her friend for one hour.

9. sech treffe mat 

to meet someone (by arrangement)

  • Ech treffe mech den Owend mat engem Frënd an der Stad. – I arranged to meet (I will meet) a friend in town this evening.
  • Mäi Jong huet sech gëschter mat senger Frëndin eleng getraff. – My son arranged to meet his girlfriend alone yesterday.
  • Um wéi vill Auer trëffs du dech mam Paul? – At what time are you meeting Paul?

10. sech verdroe mat 

 to get along with someone

  • Ech verdroe mech ganz gutt mat menger Schwéiermamm. – I get along very well with my mother-in-law. 
  • Mäi Brudder verdréit sech mat jiddwerengem. – My brother gets along with everyone.

📌 Notice …

All these verbs can as well be used without the preposition mat but then most of them will take on another meaning. 

For example the verb telefonéieren: without the preposition mat it means to phone, to call – Ech muss haut nach menger Mamm telefonéierenand is a synonym of uruffen.

Another example is the verb rechnen which means to calculate, to do sums  Mäi Meedchen ka ganz gutt rechnen.

Let’s practice:

Translate the following sentences into Luxembourgish:

  1. We expect nice weather all day.
  2. When do you meet your parents?
  3. My sister and I don’t get along one with each other.

Check the solution by downloading the PDF and practice  with MORE sentences to translate !

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