Learn more about the Luxembourgish word “een”

Luxembourgish word een

The Luxembourgish word een has several meanings. Learn and practice in this lesson all about that small but useful word. Meaning 1 een = the number one for masculine and neuter nouns Beispiller (examples):  Ech hunn een Hond an zwou Kazen. – I have one dog and two cats.. Mir hunn ee* Kand. – We have … Read more

Learn To Do Correct Phrases with the Verb Verstoen

verstoen luxembourgish verbs

The verb verstoen is one of the first verbs a Luxembourgish student learns:  Ech verstinn dat net. – I don’t understand this. is an oft-repeated sentence in a class. I’ve noticed that almost all of my students (even more advanced learners) always hesitate when it comes to conjugating correctly verstoen (to understand) by using it … Read more

Learn How To Use The Tricky Luxembourgish Verb Kréien

Luxembourgish verbs kréien

The Luxembourgish verb kréien is a very common verb with the basic meaning of “to get“. Now both kréien and  “to get” are super broad. Take to get: It can mean to receive but it can also mean to achieve or to obtain and so does kréien. The Conjugation: Present Tense: Ech kréien Du kriss Hien / hatt / Si kritt Mir … Read more