How to talk about working from home

Working from home has become a hot topic of conversation everywhere. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be working from home for the first time.

That means you definitely understand the benefits and challenges of a work-from-home lifestyle.

So in this lesson we will focus on the vocabulary on 2 major topics:

  • different ways to talk about working away from the office
  • common experiences of communicating with colleagues online

How to Talk about Working from Home

1. doheem schaffen – to work at home

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech sinn Iwwersetzerin a schaffen doheem.I am a translater and I work at home.
  • Mäi Büro ass doheem. Ech schaffen als Sproocheproff doheem. – My office is at home. I work at home.

2. vun doheem aus schaffen – to work from home

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech schaffen zanter Mäerz vun doheem aus.I have been working from home since March.
  • Schaffs du am Moment vun doheem aus?– Do you work from home at the moment?

3. Teletravail maachen / am Homeoffice schaffen – to telecommute

Beispiller (examples)

  • Mäi Mann mécht zweemol d’Woch Teletravail.My husband telecommutes twice a week.
  • Eis ganz Ekipp schafft bis Enn Abrëll 2021 am Homeoffice. – Our entire team will telecommute until the end of April 2021.

4. mäin Homeoffice – office at home

Beispiller (examples)

  • Mäin Homeoffice  ass ganz gemittlech.My office at home is very cosy.
  • Mäin Homeoffice ass an der Kichen a mengem Mann säin ass am Schlofzëmmer. – My homeoffice is in the kitchen and my husband’s one is in the bedroom.

5. Aarbecht-Privatliewen-Equiliber – work/life balance

Beispiller (examples)

  • Et ass schwéier de richtegen Aarbecht a Privatliewen Equiliber ze fannen.It is difficult to find the right work and life balance.

Communicating with Colleagues Online

1. skypen / zoomen – to skype / zoom

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech skypen all Dag mat mengen Aarbechtskolleegen. –  I skype with my colleagues every day.
  • Meng Kanner zoomen all Dag mat de Proffen. – My kids use Zoom every day with their  teachers.

2. d’ Verbindung hänkt – the connection is frozen

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech mengen, d’Verbindung hänkt nees eng Kéier. – I think the connection is frozen one more time. 
  • Am Meeting ass d’Verbindung erëm hänkebliwwen. – The connection was frozen again during the meeting.

3. d’ Verbindung ass schlecht – the connection is bad

Beispiller (examples)

  • An der Reunioun war d’Verbindung immens schlecht. –  The connection was very bad during the meeting. 
  • Ass d’Verbindung bei dir och esou schlecht? – Is the connection also so bat at your home?

4. däi Mikro ass aus – you are on mute

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech kann dech net héieren. Ech mengen däi Mikro ass aus. – I can’t hear you. I think you are on mute.
  • Maacht äre Mikro aus wärend dem Meeting, wgl! – Put your micro on mute during the meeting, please.

5. ech kann dech net héieren / gesinn – I can’t hear / see you

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech kann dech net gesinn. Ass deng Kamera aus?  I can’t see you. Is your camera switched off?
  • Ech hunn dech net gutt héieren. Kanns du dat widderhuelen, wlg.? – I haven’t heard you very well. Can you please repeat that please?

Let’s practice:

Translate the following sentences into Luxembourgish:

  1. The internet connection is often bad during lunch time.
  2. Do you (informal) often work remotely?
  3. I can’t hear you (plural). I call you back.

Check the solution by downloading the PDF and practice  with MORE sentences to translate !

Get the PDF!


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