How to say DIFFERENT in Luxembourgish

I hear many of my students hesitating between the words verschidden, anescht or eppes aneres or even aneschters. All of those meaning different in Luxembourgish. And that makes it not so easy when trying to make a sentence. But what is the difference between them? 

1. verschidden & ënnerschiddlech

Both mean different  (not the same) and can be used interchangeably.

Verschidden and ënnerschiddlech are adjectives so they follow the gender – noun agreement.

Beispiller (examples)

  • Mir hu verschidden/ënnerschiddlech Iddien iwwer de Projet. – We have different (not the same) ideas about the project.
  • Meng Elteren hu verschidden/ënnerschiddlech Interessen. –  My parents have different interests.
  • Dat sinn zwou verschidden/ënnerschiddlech Saachen. – That are two different things.

📌Pay attention

Verschidden also means various, a number of

Beispiller (examples)

  • Mir hu verschidden Iddien iwwer de Projet. – We have various (a number of)  about the project.

2. anescht (wéi) 

This is an adverb and it means different than / from / to

Beispiller (examples)

  • Hien ass anescht wéi säi Brudder. – He is different from his brothers.
  • Fréier war alles anescht. – In the past everything was different (than nowadays).
  • 2020: D’Schueberfouer emol aneschters*. – 2020: The Fair differently (than previously)
  • Mir maachen dat elo anescht(ers). – We will do this differently now.
  • Ech verbrénge meng Zäit elo anescht(ers) wéi soss. – I now spent my time differently than I used to.

*Note that many native speakers use aneschters instead of anescht. Both mean the same and can be used interchangeably.


sech anescht undoen 

This expression means to change one’s clothes:

  • Ech doe mech no der Aarbecht ëmmer anescht un. – I always change clothes (put some other clothes) after work.

3. eppes / näischt aneres 

Something / nothing else, different 

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech bestelle mir haut léiwer eppes aneres. – I prefer to order something else today.
  • Uebstfondue ass näischt aneschters wéi Uebst mat waarme Chocolat. – Fruit fondue is nothing else than fruits with hot chocolate.

4. en aneren, en anert, eng aner (pronouns)

These are pronouns: 

  1. use en aneren when referring to masculine nouns
  • Meng Mamm huet säit gëschter en aneren Auto. – My mother has a different car since yesterday.

b) use en anert when referring to neuter nouns

  • Hien huet all Dag en anert Hiem un – He wears every day a different shirt.

c) use eng aner when referring to feminine nouns

  • Ass dat eng aner Zooss? . – Is that a different sauce?

📌Pay attention

These pronouns also have the meaning of another:

  • Komm mir ginn an en anere Restaurant. – Let’s go to another restaurant.
  • Ech ginn eng aner Kéier op d’Post. – I’ll go another time to the post office.

Let’s practice:

Translate the following sentences into Luxembourgish:

  1. She told me something completely different.
  2. Can you (formal) give me a different glass, please?
  3. They often have different opinions.

Check the solution by downloading the PDF and practice  with MORE sentences to translate !

Get the PDF!

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