When to use the Luxembourgish verb FANNEN

In this lesson I will explain the different meanings of the verb fannen. Knowing the most common usages of fannen will be helpful in using and understanding Luxembourgish.

But the first step is to learn how to conjugate fannen – irregular verb


Present Tense: ech fannen – du fënns – hien / hatt fënnt – mir fannen – dir fannt – si fannen

Past participle: fonnt Ech hunn de Schlëssel fonnt. – I’ve found the key.

Learn the 2 main common usages of fannen

1. fannento find (as a result of searching or by chance); to discover

        Here is where the verb overlaps largely with its English counterpart.

Beispiller (examples)

  • Ech ka mäi Brëll net fannen.I can’t find my glasses.
  • Mäi Jong huet 5€ op der Spillplaz fonnt. – My son found 5€ at the play ground.

2. fannento like, think, judge, perceive, (a certain way about someone or something)

In English you say I think that’s cool, I think that’s boring, I think that’s great. But in Luxembourgish we use the verb fannen to express what you think about somebody or something.

With Wéi fënns du dat / hien? they mean What do you think about this / him? 

And the best answers are ech fannen dat net schlecht – I think that’s not bad or  ech fannen hie cool I think he is cool.

Beispiller (examples)

a) in the sense of to think about / like something

  • Wéi fënns du dësen Hutt? – What do you think about / How do you like this hat?
  •  Ech fannen en immens flott. – I like it very much.
  • Dëse Park ass schéin. Fannt dir net och? – This park is beautiful. Don’t you (plural) think so as well? / Don’t you agree?
  • Firwat hutt dir de Restaurant net gutt fonnt? – Why didn’t you like the restaurant?
  • Mir fannen d’Iessen do net immens. – We think that the food is not excellent there.

Synonym: gefalen

b) in the sense of to perceive / to give your opinion about someone

  • Ech fanne mech ze déck. – I percieve (judge) myself as to fat.
  • Meng Mamm fënnt, datt ech gutt kache kann. – My mom thinks, that I can cook well.
  • Den Tom fënnt d’Sandra léif.  – Tom thinks that Sandra is cute.

Other examples of common usage:

eng Aarbecht / eng Plaz fannen to find a work/a job

  • Meng Fra huet eng Plaz an der Stad fonnt. – My wife found a job in Luxembourg city.

eng Léisung / Äntwert fannen to find a solution / answer

  • Mir mussen onbedéngt eng Léisung fannen. – We have to find absolutely a solution.

Zäit fannento find time

  • Ech hunn d’Zäit dofir net fonnt. – I didn’t find the time for it.

Verbs that use fannen as a root 

empfannen – to have feelings for / to be fond of

erfannen – to invent

stattfannen – to take place

erausfannen – to find out

Let’s practice:

Translate the following sentences into Luxembourgish:

  1. What do you think about / How do you like your new neighbours?
  2. I think that’s a good idea.
  3. What did you think of the concert?

Check the solution by downloading the PDF and practice  with MORE sentences to translate !

Get the PDF!

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