Want to know what the Sproochentest is?

Are you curious about getting the Luxembourgish citizenship because it could be a benefit to you, to your family and your children? 

But how do you apply to get the dual citizenship? What are the clauses to apply for it? Why is everyone talking about the Sproochentest?

So first, be aware that there is a nationality law for people not born in Luxembourg.

If you are meeting the clauses to apply for the Luxembourgish citizenship you must:

  • pass the Luxembourgish language test  called Sproochentest organised by the INL (Institut National des Langues), achieving level A2 in oral expression and B1 in oral comprehension. Read here all the information about the conditions and registration
  • and attend 24 hours “Vivre ensemble au Grand Duché de Luxembourg” classes (Living together in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) or pass the test for the course. You can read all the information about how to sign up for the course “Vivre ensemble au G-D Luxembourg” and the exam  here.

While the levels – levels A2 for oral expression and B1 for the listening comprehension –  for the Sproochentest do not change since April 2017, the way the exams are marked will. This means that the result will be worked out as an average across both elements of the test. So a compensation mechanism has been introduced, allowing balance for a lower score in oral expression with a higher score in comprehension, for example.

A candidate passes the test if he/she obtains at least half the possible marks in the oral expression test. An insufficient score can be compensated by the mark in the listening comprehension test.

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Who can register for the Sproochentest:
Anyone who wishes to apply for the Luxembourgish nationality and is required to take the language test.

When are the tests being held?
Dates are posted on the INL’s website. Find all our exam dates on the calendar >

Where are the tests being held?
The ‘Sproochentest’ is held in two places: in Luxembourg city & in Belval

Institut national des langues 21, Boulevard de La Foire L-1528 Luxembourg / Glacis Institut national des langues 14 Porte de France L-4360 Esch-Alzette (Belval)

How many times can you apply to take the Sproochentest?
There is no limit to the number of times. However, you can only register again once the results of the previous test have been obtained.

The ‘Sproochentest’ is the only recognised certification for applying to obtain Luxembourgish nationality. Success in the test of linguistic knowledge of Luxembourgish organised by the State (prior to a civil servant taking up a post) does not exempt a candidate for naturalisation from taking the ‘Sproochentest’.


Places are limited!  Register at least 3 months before your intention to sit the Sproochentest and this directly on the homepage from the Institut National des Langues Luxembourg

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