How to say “I don’t know” & “No idea” in Luxembourgish

In this vocabulary builder lesson you’ll learn how to say in Luxembourgish I don’t know and no idea. 

So if you want to say I don’t know you can say:

Ech weess net. – I don’t know.

If you want to build a more complete sentence, you would say:

Ech weess et net. – I don’t know.

Dat weess ech net. – (That) I don’t know.

And a more polite way to say it, is

Ech weess et leider net. – Unfortunately, I don’t know.

If you want to say no idea or no clue in Luxembourgish, you say:

Keng Ahnung. – No clue, no idea.

Ech hu keng Ahnung. – I have no idea.

Ech hu guer keng Ahnung. – I have no idea at all.

If you want to say I’m not sure in Luxembourgish, this is:

Ech si mir net sécher. – I am not sure.

How to conjugate the verb wëssen (to know)

ech weess I know
du   weess you know
hien / hatt weess he / she knows
si weess (formal) she knows
mir wëssen we know
dir wësst you know
si wëssen they know

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