Learn how to continue a conversation in Luxembourgish

In the previous lessons you learned how to start a conversation in Luxembourgish. In this lesson, you will learn how to keep a conversation going, without running out of things to say!

Here’s an example of how NOT to have an Luxembourgish conversation:

  • War däi Weekend flott? – Did you have a nice weekend?
  • Jo. An däin? – Yes. And how was yours?
  • Majo, och flott. – Well, nice as well.

Unfortunately, the conversation stops here because there’s no natural way to continue it. This is OK if you only want to have a quick conversation (for example, if you are quickly passing a co-worker in the hallway). But how can you have a longer conversation in Luxembourgish?

2 KEYS to continuing a conversation in Luxembourgish

1 Ask questions that start with the question words  Wat, Wéini, Wou, Firwat and Wéi. Try to avoid yes/no questions.

2 In your answers, give one or two details that will help continue the conversation. You don’t need to talk for a long time.

Common topics to do small talk:

  • Family
  • Interests/Hobbies
  • Sports
  • TV, movies, and popular culture
  • Music
  • Current events
  • Interesting places in the city
  • Travel
  • House / garden, pets

Example of Luxembourgish Conversations

Here are two example conversations – an informal one using the du-form and  a formal one using the Dir-form.

Notice how each person adds one or two details, and then there is a follow-up question about the details.

My Learning Tip

Listen to the audio and read simultaneously.

Conversation 1 (informal):


Moien! An, wéi war däi Weekend? 
Zimmlech flott! E Samschdeg ware mir bei Frënn agelueden an e Sonndeg war ech mat menge Kanner an de Kino. 
Flott. Wat sidd dir da kucke gaang? 
An? Wéi war en? 
De Kanner huet de Film natierlech gutt gefall. An du? Wat hues du de Weekend gemaach? 
Net esou vill. E Samschdeg sinn ech doheem bliwwen a sonndes moies ginn ech jo ëmmer lafen.
Ah sou? Wéi laang leefs du dann?  
Normalerweis tëscht 45 Minutten an eng Stonn.
Leefs du eleng?
Jo, leider. Hues de Loscht eng Kéier matzekommen?”
Oh nee, dat ass net menges. Ech gi just gär schwammen.
A wouhi gees du da schwammen?

Hello! And, how was your weekend?
Quite nice! On Saturday we were invited at some friends and on Sunday I went with my kids to the cinema.
Nice. Which movie have you been watching?
And? How was it?
Of course, the children liked the movie. And how about you? What have you done last Weekend?
Not sou much. I stayed at home on Saturday and on Sunday mornings I always go running.
Oh, really? How long do you run?
Usually between 45 minutes and one hour.
Do you run alone?
Yes unfortunately. Would like to come with me once?
Oh no, that is not my cup of tea. I just like to go swimming.
And where do you go swimming? 

Conversation 2:


Wat a flotten Dag! ’t ass esou waarm – bal wéi am Summer.

Jo, dat ass wouer. Ech freeë mech immens op de Summer. Ech ginn de ganzen August mat menger Famill an d’Vakanz.  
Oh? Wouhi gitt Dir dann?
Majo, mir ginn a Korsika. Mir hunn e grousst Haus mat Schwämm gelount. Waart Dir schonn do?  
Jo, ech war eemol do, awer dat ass scho laang hir ….
An Dir? Hutt Dir schonn eppes geplangt fir de Summer?
Nee, nach net. Ech gi vläicht e puer Deeg op Wien Frënn besichen, mee dofir ginn ech am Oktober 3 Wochen an Thailand. 
Flott! Firwat grad an Thailand? 
“Majo, meng bescht Frëndin …

What a beautiful day. It’s so hot –  almost like in summer.
Yes, that’s right. I can’t wait for the summer. I’m going with my family  the whole August  on holidays.
Oh? Where are you going?
Well, we are going to Korsika. We have rented a big house with swimming pool. Have you ever been there?”
Yes, I’ve been once there, but that was a long time ago…
How about you? Any special plans for the summer?
No, not yet. I’ll probably go a few days to Vienna to visit friends, but therefore I ‘m going in October for 3 weeks to Thailand. 
Great! Why Thailand?
Well, my best friend …

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