Learn to use “si” and “hatt” correctly in Luxembourgish

This is a topic I want to talk about because in my Luxembourgish coaching sessions I frequently hear my students hesitating whether they should say si or hatt when talking about a woman or a girl.  Now a question to you:

Do you know when you should say in Luxembourgish si or hatt. Because both si and hatt translate into she (and her – depending on the verb used in the sentence).

Not really? What is the difference? Are you also thinking:

How will I ever get this right?

First of all, and especially at the beginning of your language learning journey, it is normal to make mistakes. And I will help you to understand this subject in a very easy way:

hatt (casual) is used when talking about:

  • a woman we know well, or
  • a girl who is relatively young, or
  • your own daughter, or a young female of your family.


  • D’Laura geet muer an d’Vakanz. Hatt flitt op New York. – Laura is going on holiday tomorrow. She will fly to New York.
  • Mäi Meedchen geet samschdes an d’Schwämm. Hatt schwëmmt gär. – My daughter goes to the swimming pool on Saturdays. She likes to swim.
  • Hues du dem Tom seng nei Frëndin gesinn? Hatt ass immens léif. – Have you seen Tom’s new girlfriend? She is very nice.

si (formal) conveys a certain respect and is used when talking about:

  • a woman who is famous, or
  • a woman who is older than you (your mother for instance), or
  • a woman who has a position of power (the CEO of a company, for example).


  • D’Angela Merkel kënnt muer op Lëtzebuerg. Si trëfft sech mam  Xavier Bettel. – A. Merkel is coming to Luxembourg tomorrow. She will meet with X. Bettel.
  • Meng Bomi ass gëschter gefall. Si huet sech d’Hand gebrach. – My grandma fell yesterday. She broke her hand.
  • Meng Cheffin huet de Moien e Rendez-vous mat engem neie Client. Si ass ganz nervös. – My boss has an appointment with a new client this morning. She is very nervous.

So that’s the rule. Do you now understand the difference between si and hatt?

Let’s practice:

Is it si or hatt?

  1. Meng Duechter geet haut net an d’Schoul. _______ ass krank.
  2. Ech hunn d’Madamm Weber gëschter gesinn. _________ war eleng an der Stad.
  3. Meng Nopesch ass eng eeler Fra. Mee, ______ ass ganz gesond.

Check the solution by downloading the PDF and practice  with MORE sentences to complete !

Get the PDF!

I hope you liked it and found it useful. And …. why not sharing this lesson with your friends:-)

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