How to say “I am sorry” in Luxembourgish

Sometimes we say or do really stupid things. That’s ok as long as we apologize. But how?

Have this ever happened to you having said or done something you regret afterwords? And feeling bad about it? To be honest it happens to me quite often and I am always relieved when I take the courage to apologize. Apologizing is important in many languages. It’s a common part of establishing fluency and being able to express yourself in a language. Like other languages, Luxembourgish has its own various forms for apology, with some popular short phrases being the most common. Therefore on your long list of vocabulary essentials to master should be Luxembourgish expressions of forgiveness and excusing oneself as well.

Here are some variants of common Luxembourgish expressions of excusing to address to various situations:

For an informal polite apology like asking someone for the time, asking people to move aside so you don’t bump into them, or when bumping into someone, use the words:
Entschëlleg or Entschëlleg, w.e.g. 
 Ex: Entschëlleg, kanns du mir soen wéi vill Auer et ass?”
“Entschëlleg, datt ech dech stéieren, mee ech muss dech eppes froen.”

For the formal, polite apology the Luxembourgers say:
Entschëllegt or Entschëllegt, w.e.g. But you can also simply say Pardon!

Another common Luxembourgish phrase for apology is
 – Et deet mir leed –  this translates to “I’m sorry” or “That’s too bad.” It’s important to note that in general, this means  “I’m sorry for you” and not asking for forgiveness.

 – Et deet mir leed, ech hunn dat net esou gemengt which means “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.”
Ex: T’deet mer leed, mee ech hunn elo guer keng Zäit!
T’deet mer leed, datt ech dat gesot hunn. Ech hunn et net esou gemengt.

Tip: Luxembourgers say this phrase like this: t’deet mer leed  which sounds in spoken language like deet ma leed.

 Saying sorry for being late
Here are some useful sentences you would say  right in the moment when you arrive:
Entschëllegt d’Verspéidung, w.e.g! or Entschëllegt mäi(n) Retard, w.e.g! which literally means “Excuse the / my delay”.  

If you are, however, still on your way, you could say:
Ech hunn e puer Minutte(n) Verspéidung or T’deet mer leed, mee ech hunn e(n) bësse(n) Retard.

Note the additional wann ech gelift (abbreviation is w.e.g.) to enhance basic apologies, which translates to “please.” Small word, but big difference:
Ex: Entschëllegt w.e.g., datt ech  mech verspéit hunn!

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