How to say “It depends on” in Luxembourgish

In this useful Luxembourgish lesson, I will answer a question I keep receiving from my students: How do you say in Luxembourgish it depends? Well:

Et kënnt drop un or Et hänkt dovun of.

And so …. we have the option between 2 verbs to say in Luxembourgish it depends on:

  1. one being ofhänke vun
  2. the other option is ukommen op 

I don’t want to discuss the differences between those 2 in detail but I think ukommen op is shifted quite a bit towards that is up to … in sense of responsibility or importance rather than choice.

Both ofhänke vun and ukommen op are separable verbs. So in a sentence in the present tense you have to put the separable particle of– & un– at the very end of the sentence.

And very important:  

ofhänke vun: the preposition vun requires the dative case

ukommen op: we will use the accusative case

Beispill (example)

How would you say It depends on the situation using both verbs?

Et kënnt op d’Situatioun (f) un. (accusative)
Et hänkt vun der Situatioun (f) of. (dative)

But… to avoid any confusion and to make it easier for you to remember how to say it depends on let’s concentrate in this lesson only on

ofhänke vun – it depends on 

Beispiller (examples)

Et hänkt vum (vun dem) Wieder (n) of. – It depends on the weather.
Et hänkt vum (vun dem) Dag (m) of. – It depends on the day. 
Et hänkt vu mengen Elteren (pl) of. – It depends on my parents.
Et hänkt vun dir of. – It depends on you (informal).
Et hänkt vun hinnen of. – It depends on them.

Using ofhänke vun in questions:

How would you ask: What does it depend on? Well this is: Wouvun hänkt et of?

So to ask a question using a verb with a preposition you have to use wou+preposition

And to answer that question  you’ll have to say Et hänkt dovun of, …..+ subordinate clause.

When you point on it you use do+preposition followed by a subordinate clause.

Beispiller (examples)

Kënns du e Freideg op meng Party? Dat hänkt dovun of, ob ech e Babysitter fannen.
Will you come to my party on Friday? That depends on whether I’ll find a babysitter.

Wat ëss du am Restaurant? Et hänkt dovun of, wat si op der Kaart hunn.
What will you eat at the restaurant? It depends on what they have on the menu.

Let’s practice

Try to translate the following sentences into Luxembourgish:

  1. It depends on how late it is.
  2. It depends on how much money I have.
  3. It depends on where you (plural) live.
  4. It depends on at what time they come home.
  5. It depends on whether I have a lot of work.
  6. It depends on my mood.
  7. Are you (informal) coming with us this evening? I don’t know yet. It depends on where you are going.
  8. Are you (formal) going on vacation in July? We don’t know yet. It depends on when my wife will be on leave.

Another very simple way of saying It depends in Luxembourgish it is the short expression Jee nodeem(s).

Watch the video to know the answers or

Get the pdf

I hope you liked it and found it useful. And …. why not sharing this lesson with your friends:-)

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