Moien, I'm Anne

You’re here because you’ve heard about LLO,
which is a great tool to help you learn some Luxembourgish

Let me help you compare
what a real teacher can do for you!

Here's a little rundown, comparing my offer to LLO's

If you’re already convinced by the smile on my face (understand : me being proud of my student’s accomplishments*),
you can click here do discover my full offer (I’m talking starter classes, language exams, blogs and much more!)

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Invest now Thank me later!
  • How to learn effectively? Declutter! My method : 8 chapters devised into 5 short lessons - 1 lesson/day & review/practice on the weekend
  • How to stay motivated learning? Have fun! Each lesson brings you a variety of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, dialogues, important observations, including my personal touch: tips & smart hints and a bit of Luxembourg life and culture.
  • How to learn and keep track of your progress? Use LWA’s printable study plan & progress tracker included!
  • How to check all you’ve learnt in the 5 lessons? Each chapter includes an exhaustive test, never said this would be easy, Luxembourgish is not an easy language, it needs a bit of commitment!
  • How to verify I’m not a robot? Each lesson is supported by a video with me explaining the content of the lesson with a focus on pronunciation
  • How to memorise / practice what you’ve learnt during each lesson? Review spelling and pronunciation, play with the language and memorise new vocabulary with a great method: online flashcards
  • How to get help when stucked? You’re not alone! Subscribing also gets you access to a private community channel where you can exchange with other students, ask questions, share exercises and get my personal feedback and review
  • Also there’s a printed version of the online course which is available less of Netflix at night, but a little more reading, a quiet moment by the open fire…


Free ...but
  • Fantastic tool at your disposal! It's free, but as you already know, free always comes at a certain cost...
  • It's time consuming: LLO assumes you already have some basics in Luxembourgish, if you don't you may lose a few hair trying to figure out understanding what the lesson is all about!
  • You don't know where to click first, it's all written in Luxembourgish! Well, I'm a native, so I do. But, in your shoes, it's easy to learn numbers and alphabet, but when it comes to more serious topics, I'm sure a little help would be nice...
  • You can test what you've learn And luckily, the internet trained us well: when there's a form, there's a submit button and we can at least answer a few quizzes questions!
  • Virtual Class time with nobody Tons of videos, audio files are destined to help, but who can replace a friendly face when it comes to pronunciation? Robots can't smile and you'll have to trust the computer.
  • With some courage and time, you can do it! Tryout LLO, it's a nice introduction to your journey into learning luxembourgish, but you want to go further, you want help from a motivated teacher? Leave a question, I'll answer you back, we're serious about learning!
  • There's no support? You might just try to google it...

Happy clients

Since 2014 I’m specialised in preparing candidates to sit the language test to acquire Luxembourgish citizenship. I gained a huge experience in this field by collecting since then fantastic feedback from over 1000 of students.

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