The Ultimate Guide

Everything you should know about the Sproochentest

Are you planning to apply for the Luxembourgish citizenship and to take the Sproochentest? But first you would like to know exactly what the Sproochentest is about and how to get ready? And are you struggling to gather all the necessary information.

In this ebook I am sharing all the necessary information you should have to get started for the Sproochentest

This e-book will give you the guidance you need to register, to prepare and to finally take the Sproochentest.

You will learn all the details like how to assess your current language levels, the oral test requirements, the passing criteria and much more about the Sproochentest.

You will learn what to study

You will learn how to study for both the oral test and the listening test

I share with you useful information which you won’t find online.

This e-book includes the step-by-step study guide to get ready in 30 days

This e-book has 29 pages (PDF)
You have instant and permanent access after payment